25 các chủ đề Speaking IELTS part 2

Speaking luôn là phần thi khiến thí sinh dễ mất điểm nhất. Chuẩn bị tốt cho phần thi này sẽ giúp bạn đạt được điểm cao hơn.

Hiểu được nỗi sợ của các thí sinh, tienganhduhoc.vn đã tổng hợp các chủ đề Speaking trong bài viết sau. Dựa các chủ đề Speaking IELTS part 2 dưới đây, các bạn sẽ có hướng nhìn nhận về phần thi này tốt hơn. 

Các bài viết được quan tâm:

Tổng hợp các chủ đề Speaking IELTS dễ gặp nhất.
Tổng hợp các chủ đề Speaking IELTS dễ gặp nhất.

1. Những điều cần biết về Speaking IELTS part 2

Phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2 là phần thi thứ 2 trong Speaking, hay thường gọi là ‘”The Long Turn”.

Thông tin bài thi:

  • Thời gian chuẩn bị: 1 phút
  • Thời gian nói: Từ 1 – 2 phút
  • Thí sinh sẽ được nhận một tấm thẻ, trong đó là chủ đề cho phần Speaking IELTS part 2. Đồng thời, thí sinh sẽ được cung cấp giấy và bút chì để chuẩn bị ý tưởng trước khi trình bày cho giám khảo. Sau 1 phút chuẩn bị, thí sinh sẽ đối diện trực tiếp với ban giám khảo và trình bày nội dung bài nói của mình từ 1 – 2 phút. Sau khi trình bày xong câu trả lời, giám khảo sẽ hỏi 1 hoặc 2 câu hỏi.
  • Lưu ý: Bài thi nói có thể được ghi âm lại để kiểm tra

2. 6 topic chính trong Speaking IELTS part 2

  • Describe a person (someone you admire, a famous person in your country,…)
  • Describe a place/building (a country you like to visit, your ideal home,…)
  • Describe an object (a piece of furniture, a photo,…)
  • Describe an event/activity (a festival, a wedding,…)
  • Describe a situation (a time when you laughed a lot,…)
  • Describe your favourite (book, movie, song,…)

3. Các chủ đề Speaking IELTS  part 2 thường gặp nhất 2020

Speaking IELTS
Speaking IELTS

Bạn nên ghi nhớ 25 chủ đề Speaking IELTS sau.

  1.  Describe a family member that you spend most time with
  2. Describe a person who you think is fashionable
  3. Describe a person you admire
  4. Describe a famous person that you like
  5. Describe a character or personality of yours
  6. Describe a special occasion when you had a really enjoyable meal
  7. Describe an embarrassing experience you have had with food
  8.  Describe a restaurant you enjoyed going to.
  9. Describe a health problem you or someone you know had
  10.  Describe a TV program you would like to watch
  11.  Describe an article that you read from a magazine or from the Internet about healthy lifestyle
  12.  Describe an unforgettable advertisement that you saw
  13.  Describe an educational TV program that you have seen
  14.  Describe a short trip that you frequently make (or, take) but dislike
  15.  Describe a garden or park you enjoyed visiting
  16.  Describe a house or an apartment you would like to live in
  17.  Describe a place where you can read or write (not your home)
  18.  Describe a garden/park you often go to
  19.  Describe a place that can be good to relax (not your home)
  20.  Describe a historical building in your country/ hometown
  21.  Describe a subject you used to dislike but now have interest in
  22.  Describe a good law in your country
  23.  An important holiday that is celebrated in your country
  24.  Describe a person who helps to protect the environment
  25.  Describe another language that you would like to learn

4. Bài mẫu các chủ đề Speaking IELTS part 2 

Describe a special occasion when you had a really enjoyable meal

You should say:

  • What the occasion was
  • Who was at the meal
  • What was served, and you ate
  • And explain why the meal was so enjoyable.

Bài mẫu:

I can remember having a really enjoyable meal one New Year’s Eve when I just started my new job at a company. I had always wanted to work for … about two years after I had graduated from university.

It was on New Year’s Eve and my whole family was there including my parents, my elder brother and a couple of friends. We met up with some old school friends, it was like a reunion. Also, my mother’s best friend and her son joined us. It was a highly enjoyable occasion as most people knew each other. Also, the food was great. Everybody came to our house and brought different dishes. We ate barbecued chicken, green salad, fried and baked potatoes. For dessert, we had plum pudding. We also had a delicious chocolate cake that was made by the son of my mother’s friend who is a chef. 

Wow! The party was a blast! There were lots of excited whoops and cheers until late at night. We had a wild time; everyone talked and there was so much laughter that sometimes we had tears corning out of our eyes. It was a really great day with terrific food. Everybody had a wonderful time.

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Describe a person you admire

Các bài viết hay đang được chú ý quan tâm nhất:

“Miêu tả một người bạn ngưỡng mộ” là chủ đề phổ biến trong IELTS Speaking part 2.
“Miêu tả một người bạn ngưỡng mộ” là chủ đề phổ biến trong IELTS Speaking part 2.

You should say:

  • What relation this person is to you
  • What are your first memories of this person
  • How often you see this person
  • And explain why you really admire this person.

Bài mẫu:

Well, the first person who came to my mind is my grandmother. She is almost in her 80’s and she has always been a major influence on me.

I guess I could say that I’ve known my grandmother my whole life because she was actually there the day I was born, and after the death of my grandfather she started to live in our house, so I was lucky enough to grow up and pass my adolescent years with her love and affection.

Since my childhood, she has always cared and loved me with all of her heart, and she is a really kind and wise woman which is why I always turn to her for advice. I think she’s a compassionate person with a big heart, and always tries to help others whenever she can, and I can recall many occasions when she took great risks to help other people out.

She’s also a successful mother of four children, one of whom is my father. She has devoted her entire life for the betterment of her kids, educating and guiding them to become good people. She possesses a very charming personality and always pleases everyone around her. Even a stranger can feel the warmth of her heart within only a short time.

I could really talk about her all day long because I love and admire her for many reasons. But I must say, the most important reason is her unconditional love for me. She is a great mentor who always shows me the positive side of things and guides me through my hardest times. Talking to her is a soothing experience and the stories she tells are always informative and full of important lessons and morals. I think she has had a great influence on my attitude in life and on my personality, and for all these reasons there’s a strong bond between us, and I admire her very much.

Describe an article that you read from a magazine or from the Internet about healthy lifestyle

You should say:

  • where you read it from
  • when you read it
  • what the article was about

Xem ngay: Các cụm từ và mẫu câu hay dùng trong IELTS Writing

Bài mẫu:

Today I want to share with you one of my most favourite articles of all time named “Ten ways to live longer”, which was published in the Guardian – a very famous British magazine, and is, in my opinion, a must-read article about  human health and well-being.

I believe that the more people become wiser, the more they will care about their health. The first surprising thing I noticed about this article was about the country with the longest life expectancy, which was Japan, for both men and women. The question is, how do they do it? Well, apparently Japanese people simply have regular health check-ups and pay close attention to hygiene in every aspect of their lives. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is one of the golden rules of good health, yet this is still a major problem in many countries around the world. In other words, get your running shoes on and never just sit around all day. Another major point I learnt was that you should get your blood pressure checked regularly because high blood pressure is the number one factor that leads to early death and years of poor health.

According to the article, the ten things to do or avoid included some things like, not smoking, eating seeds and not junk, drinking in moderation, staying out of hospital, and not getting stressed, which all seem quite obvious but can certainly change your life if you follow these rules. You don’t need to do strenuous or vigorous exercise in order to have better health. Simply drink a little bit less each day, add a little bit more vegetables to your diet and do something as simple as carrying your heavy shopping bags instead of using the trolley to improve your muscle strength at least two days a week. Sounds easy, right?

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